JuiceDefender 3.1.4

Get the most out of your Android battery


  • Works very discreetly
  • Maximize battery power on a contant basis
  • Homescreen widgets available


  • Free version has too many redundant options
  • Hard to tell what is enabled/disabled, etc.

Very good

JuiceDefender is a battery maximization app that will help you get the most from a smartphone that always seems to be running out of power.

Smartphones are cool, but all their snazzy features can be really hard on battery use. When your phone is running low on juice, use JuiceDefender to disable everything but the most essential services, meaning that things like constant Twitter updates won’t ultimately leave you incapable of making even a phone call.

JuiceDefender works by periodically shutting down data services and WIFI in order to save battery power in the long run. What makes it interesting is that it is highly automatic and transparent, so once you have picked the appropriate settings, JuiceDefender will run – and work – without you even noticing it is there.

JuiceDefender is obviously very customizable. In fact, this customizability is one of its few bad points – it can sometimes be a little hard to find your way around the settings. Basically, these options will allow you to choose between battery-saving profiles or pick a customized option, where you tweak all the settings yourself.

Among the areas you will be able to control are the schedule on which you want data services to be rested, the threshold minimum battery level at which you want JuiceDefender to kick in, and the essential apps you want maintained even when data services have been disabled.

JuiceDefender is a great tool for maximizing your battery, but users of the free version will find the redundant options on the interface very annoying.



JuiceDefender 3.1.4

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